To all the human global networks interconnected by the big brother through the internet and social media. To all the viewers and listeners around the world. To all our brothers and sisters including cross- gender and post-gender rebellious subjects.

We, the female-identified, the slaves of abusive patriarchy and masculinity have come together to manifest our global resistance against gender-based violence.

We, the so-called weak sex, the sexual objects, the human beings without equal pay, the ones cleaning your dirt, the ones surviving doing sex work, the ones blamed & burned as witches in the middle ages.

We, the ones raped & killed by your endless wars including the war on drugs exterminating young men & children.

We, the ones killed by our partners or ex-partners.

We, the ones raped by male groups & left alone by the law system because rape often can not be proven or persecuted.

We, the weak ones are here to express our deep pain coming from a lack of empathy, respect & basic human rights.

We are here today to warm our fellow human beings about our existence.

We, the weak sex are becoming your worse nightmare.

We have come today to work with our brothers & sisters who understand the need of community and social justice, including equity and equal rights for human beings, animals & nature.

We are here to confront structures of power.
We are here to spread power among those who do not have it. We are here to protect the new generations from gender-based abuse & suffering. We want peace. But we can not be in peace if thousands of sisters live brutally abused. We have come to destroy abusive masculinity. We have come to collaborate for a fair world. We have come to do whatever is necessary to protect ourselves and future generations.
We are here to work and fight for our rights.

We want peace.
We want respect.
We want love.

But until we are seriously heard we will smash what hurts.
We are the female-identified guerrilla.